On-Premise Data Storage and Backup

Webstar IT keep your data safe and protected against threats

We offer the latest technology in data storage and backup whether on premise or in cloud to help business operations run smoothly even in times of disasters.

What We Offer

Keeping your data secure is highly important to give you a peace of mind that you can restore important files at any moment. The internet have many potential threats including ransomware and trojan that may not only steal your data but also remove them. Losing data does not only make your hard work go to waste but can greatly affect your business as it can slow down business operations and cause to decrease productivity.

Webstar IT have partnered with Synology, a secure Network Attached Server (NAS) to help keep your important data secure, close, and local to you. We offer centralize data storage with simplified data backup which you can easily access anytime and anywhere you need them just like any other cloud services. Webstar IT Data Storage and Backup allows you to securely sync files to multiple remote sites so you don’t have to worry of data loss when one site is down and inaccessible. In addition, Webstar IT Storage and Backup allows both real-time and schedule backup to ensure you have a copy of the file in case of accidental deletion or ransomware attack.